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6 Steps in the Mold Remediation Process

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Are you nervous about an upcoming mold remediation in Billings, MT? Whether you have black mold or a lesser known variation, fungus growth can cause a lot of stress for business owners. You can review these six common steps to make yourself feel better about your upcoming mold cleanup.

1. Call in Professionals. When you call in a commercial remediation team, they will be able to inspect and assess your building. This will allow them to come up with a unique plan that best suits your mold problem.

2. Start Mold Containment. Setting up barriers and HEPA filters can help keep the mold in an isolated area. Your remediation team may even install a negative air chamber to help with the containment of the black mold.

3. Wear Personal Protective Equipment. While you should try not to spend much time in the affected area, whenever you do go in the mold zone you should be wearing personal protective equipment. The professionals often wear masks, gloves and disposable suits to limit the contact with spores.

4. Remove Porous Materials. Drywall, flooring and other porous materials may have to be ripped out of your building to ensure the mold is completely removed. Even some furnishings may have to be thrown out.

5. Clean Other Items. Items that do not get waterlogged easily can be cleaned and disinfected rather than thrown away. You may have to clean some items on your own, but typically the cleaning and disinfecting will be a major part of the remediation process.

6. Make Repairs. After the mold has been removed, the team may make repairs to drywall and flooring to finish off the cleanup process. Repairs can also include the drying out of wet materials to ensure mold does not come back.

The mold remediation process does not always follow these exact steps. Professionals in Billings, MT, may have to expand their mold cleanup strategy when dealing with certain types of fungus, such as black mold.

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High School Flood Damage

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial High School Flood Damage St. Francis School is flooded by main water line break.

Saving a Wood Floor in Billings, MT

The school leadership was very worried about the wood floors in the gymnasium; they are brand new and could cost a lot of money to replace. Our crew worked tirelessly to have the floors extracted of water. We then strategically set up air movers and dehumidifiers to promote a quick evaporation of any bound water trapped in the wood. Although it’s still early in the drying process, we are hopeful that the floor will be saved and usable once again. We will continue to monitor the progress of the flooring through the week.If you would like to see the news story you can follow this link.

3 Ways to Keep Your Fire Sprinkler System in Check

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial fires can happen anywhere, even in Billings, MT. While it’s impossible to know when they may occur, keeping your building prepared for any disasters is key to preventing a possible tragedy in the future. Most commercial properties operate with a fire suppression system in place, like a working fire sprinkler system. However, since many go unused for long lengths of time, they sometimes fall by the wayside in terms of maintenance. Here are three ways to keep your sprinklers in check so you’ll only have to deal with fire sprinkler cleanup after a situation arises, as opposed to any more horrifying consequences.

1. Check your building’s water pressure. If the building’s other water fixtures generally work fine, then you probably won’t have any issues securing ample water pressure through your sprinkler system. However, due to possible valve closures through the interior of the walls, especially for plumbing through systems that rarely get used, it’s best to do a check to indicate the pressure levels. Calling on fire service professionals can be helpful in completing this process correctly.

2. Clean the coatings on your sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can collect dirt and debris easily, especially in high traffic areas like kitchens that build up grease deposits. Any coating on the fire sprinkler heads can block full access to water if a fire is in progress, so cleaning the heads is crucial for efficient usage. Clean them with basic degreasing solutions or soap that doesn’t leave residue behind.

3. Inspect your non-electric control valves. Building owners should make a habit of checking the control valves if they’re non-electric, as no water can be released without them being open. Electronic valves can be monitored through annual inspections.

Disaster can strike at any moment, so knowing that your fire suppression system is up to code can be reassuring for you and everyone in the building. If your fire sprinkler system in Billings, MT, is maintained properly, handling a little fire sprinkler cleanup after an event occurs might be the only thing you need to worry about.

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3 Things You Should Include in Your Fire Escape Plan

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

Home fires can be catastrophic and scary, but you can improve your family’s chance of getting out safely if you come up with a fire escape plan in advance. The idea of putting together a detailed, complicated plan can seem overwhelming, so try starting with these three simple steps:

1. Identify All Exits

Print out or draw a floor plan of your home in Billings MT. Then mark all exits in a bright color (including all exterior doors and windows). Consider putting a fire escape ladder next to all upper-story windows, and make sure all basement window wells have fire ladders as well.

2. Perform a Drill

When the entire family is present, create an emergency escape plan. Identify areas of the home where fires are likely to occur, then make sure each family member knows the safest ways to exit the home from various rooms (bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, etc.)

Next, perform a fire drill and have everyone follow the fire escape plan as discussed. It’s a good idea to perform several drills and change up the location of the fire with each drill. For example, during one drill, the fire could be in the basement. In the next drill, the fire could be in the laundry room. Different escape routes may need to be chosen based on the location of the fire.

3. Establish an After-Fire Action Plan

It’s easy to become separated from loved ones during a fire, so make sure you establish a meeting place outside the home in advance. Your meeting place could be on the street corner or at a neighbor’s house in the event of inclement weather.

As part of your fire escape plan, make sure every member of the family knows the number to the fire department. You may also want to memorize the number to your local fire restoration company and insurance company so you can call them right away. Be sure to notify your family and close friends that you are safe as well so they won’t needlessly worry.

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Tools for Removing Basement Water

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Basements can flood for all sorts of reasons. No matter why you have found two feet of water in your basement, you need the right equipment to remove it. Here are a few things you might need:

• Sump pump
• Trash pump
• Truck mounts
• Safety equipment

Depending on the actual problem, you may need require equipment too. Furthermore, what you use may depend on what is available in Billings, MT at the time.

Trash Pump

This term is another name for a sewage pump. In many cases, this is the best tool for removing standing water from a basement. Some of these pumps are electric, which means you have to plug them in. This can cause obvious hazards and can also be an inconvenience.

If you go this route, choose a unit with a gas engine. It can run without being near a working electrical outlet. This setup is much safer.

Sump Pump

Check and see if your home has a sump pit. It so, you may be able to use to the corresponding pump to remove the water. You may need to dig a ditch to make this work. Do this at the lowest point of the slope for best results. Unfortunately, many homeowners can do more harm than good while trying to do this themselves.

Professional Assistance

Does all of this sound confusing or overly complicated to you? Sometimes, it takes a professional team to clean up the mess that a flooded basement leaves behind. You can call a restoration company in Billings, MT to take care of the problem for you.

Better yet, these companies have the equipment and experience to look for other problems. Not only will they bring their sump pump, trash pump, and other tools, but they can also look out for issues that might occur down the road. You can avoid mold and other problems by asking for help.
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How a Bad Water Heater Threatens Your Home

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Tucked away in a closet or perhaps living out in the garage, the water heater is one appliance many take for granted. That first cold shower after a failure is often what reminds people what a luxury hot running water truly is, but discomfort during bathing is just a minor risk. It’s important to notice any evidence of a leaking water heater, as this can quickly become a broken water heater, a problem capable of causing major damage to your home.

Warning Signs To Watch For

There are numerous red flags that may arise to warn you about a leaking water heater, both inside the home and near the unit itself. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

• Banging or rattling noises when running hot water caused by sediment deposits in the tank
• Rusted or corroded connections extending from the heater
• Clouded or bad-smelling heated water
• Visible signs of water near the tank

Often, homes in Billings, MT continue to rely on heaters that are over 10 years old. This is the approximate time frame wherein these appliances frequently begin to fail, so pay extra attention if your home is running an older unit.

What To Do When Problems Occur

The first step is to confirm that a leaking water heater is actually the root of your trouble. Ensure that pipe problems aren’t the origin, and rule out any other possibilities before proceeding. If the heater’s the culprit, terminate its power source (electric or gas) if you can do so safely. The water supply should come next, at which time you can begin necessary repairs or replacement. If a failed water heater has already created any type of flooding, make sure to counteract the effects as soon as possible. Restoration professionals can help remove floodwater and advise you on how to prevent any further damage that may result from excess moisture or humidity in the home. Visit for more information on water damage.

Floor to Ceiling Water Mitigation

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Business owners or site managers in Billings, MT who are unfortunate enough to experience a water damage event usually want to get the problem dealt with as quickly and quietly as possible. However, it makes much more sense to do a thorough and methodical cleanup and restore the affected elements of your building. Secondary issues, such as black mold and pest problems, might arise from even clean water sources. Pipe burst cleanup is important, so check your building from top to bottom, especially if you have:

• Water pipes
• Damaged water supply lines
• Unexplained clean water flooding

Floor Concerns

When a supply line or pipe breaks, it's important to start thinking from the ground up. The first task after stopping the water source is, of course, to remove any standing water. After that, proper removal, cleanup and drying procedures can start.

In the Walls

One of the reasons you should take special care with burst pipes is their location. Many pipes are near to or embedded in walls. It's important to go through a rigorous damage mitigation procedure if one of these breaks, especially if it's in an awkward position. Walls might need to be removed, or sections might need to be replaced. If pipe burst cleanup is done correctly, you might feel like your whole building is being ripped apart. However, you should be able to enjoy normal operations again as soon as everything is dried and refurbished.

Up in the Air

A supply line leaking might cause problems in multi-floor buildings that appear to be coming from the next floor up. In fact, the issue might be between the floors. Water cleanup procedures are relatively similar in these cases, but they take place on the ceiling.

Nobody in Billings, MT wants to see their building ripped up, but these pipe burst cleanup steps are often necessary to save you and your stakeholders from further complications down the road. Even if it seems hectic right after the flood event, everything should be back to new relatively quickly with the right cleanup crew.
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Winter weather issues

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Winter weather issues Water damage from winter weather.

Winter can bring many surprises and issues for your home and/or business. SERVPRO of Billings wants to make sure you are prepared for anything that can happen. 

One of the biggest issue in the winter is pipes freezing and breaking. This sometimes can be out of control due to the fact that it can get so cold so fast. If it happens to you, make sure that you turn off all of the water going into your home and/or business. Once the water is shut off, the remediation process can begin. SERVPRO of Billings has a full team in place to make sure everything gets done quickly. 

Other issues can range from ice damming to snow causing damage to your roof or structure of your facility. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime by calling, (406) 252-0859.

What to Do After a Kitchen Fire

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

What to Do After a Kitchen Fire

If you are the victim of a kitchen fire and want to find a solution, you are likely wondering where you should turn for answers. No matter how many steps you take to safeguard your home from the threat, you can never eliminate the risk of a kitchen fire, and these fires can spread before you know it, causing fire damage to your entire home.

Even when you put the fire out right away, it will still leave a lingering smoke odor on your walls and floors. Firefighters will take many steps to put the fire out before anyone gets hurt, such as breaking windows and spraying water into your home. The effort of the rescue squad can prevent you and your family from getting injured, but it will also cause additional problems for your smoke damaged home.

When you want to repair your smoke damaged home so that you can live in it safely, a fire restoration team will give you a hand. They will begin by cleaning soot from walls and addressing the lingering smoke odor. With their education and training, they will get the fire damage under control and provide you with peace of mind.

If the fire has damaged your personal belongings, the team will repair them at another location and provide you with outstanding results. When they have finished cleaning soot from walls and taking care of the other fire restoration tasks, you will know that you have made the right call. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Common Causes of Residential Fires

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Common Causes of Residential Fires

If you would like to keep yourself and your family out of harm's way, learn about the most common causes of house fires. Cooking mistakes are the No. 1 reason that people face residential fires, so set timers, install smoke detectors and always monitor your stove while you are using it.

If a space heater causes your house to catch on fire, you could have a smoke damaged home before you know it. Wires that are not insulated properly can also cause you to face fire damage when you least expect to encounter the threat, and you will be cleaning soot from walls before you know it.

Fixing a Smoke Damaged Home

If a fire has inflicted fire damage to your home and you want to minimize the impact, turning to a fire restoration team is the best choice. Not only will they begin by cleaning soot from walls, but they will also use air filters to remove the lingering smoke odor.

A professional fire restoration team knows how hard it can be to face this problem and will do what it takes to put your worries to rest. When they complete the task and you notice that the lingering smoke odor is gone, you will be pleased with your decision. Our team will impress you with their ability to reverse fire damage, and we are confident that you will be happy when you see what we can do. Visit for more information on fire damage.